Goodyear Heights Metro Park

Since becoming a park in 1930, Goodyear Heights Metro Park has thrived with the help of neighbors and friends. During World War II, Victory Gardens were installed along Newton Street, and neighbors could grow their own food in a time of need. Trees planted by Girl Scout troops began the re-forestation of what was once the Waltz Farm.

The tradition of doing good for the park has continued to this day. Have you noticed the community garden? Funded by a donor to the Summit Metro Parks Foundation, the garden is “a special place bringing neighbors together in the out-of-doors.” With rentable raised-bed garden plots, beautiful fencing and an onsite water source, just about anyone can become a successful gardener here.

Likewise, a couple who are park neighbors and donors were looking for ways to give back to the park they have enjoyed for many years. The result is a new boardwalk on Alder Trail that blends organically into the landscape. Their gift inspired a re-design that allows a more personal experience with the natural surroundings. “We love the park, its trails and the enjoyment of nature, and we want to leave a legacy for others to enjoy it as much as we do.”